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Adjusting oven time for personal loaves

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Adjusting oven time for personal loaves

I'd like to make some personal loaves of 'Christmas Bread' from p.257 of Ginsburg's The Rye Baker.  A normal loaf is about 1100 grams and bakes for 10 min with steam @430F, and 30-40 min @365.  My question is how to scale. 

I'm using 3 small loaf pans (instead of 1 normal size) each has about  360g of dough.  I'm thinking that I'll keep the 10 min with steam, but clearly 30 min @365 is too long. 

Any thoughts on how to estimate the correct time?

Thanks and happy baking.


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Following, as I like adapting breads to mini loaf pans too. I generally go by eye and by internal temp on an instant read thermometer. Also, depending on the type of bread, I sometimes remove from the tins before they are fully baked so I get a better crust along the sides. A parchment sling helps with this.  The Rye Baker has a web site, so maybe the author is approachable for questions?