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why are my raisins burned

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why are my raisins burned

I am making a rye raisin bar based on Spiced Honey Squares from The Rye Baker.  I use fresh milled organic whole grains from the NYC greenmarket and they are very good BUT the raisins that extend beyond the dough burn.  So I am thinking of rehydrating the raisins before adding them.  Will this keep them from burning or should I reduce the temperature (currently I bake at 455F in a convection oven for about 30 minutes), or both? 

If I do rehydrate the raisins  how do I account for the water that the raisins absorb?

Any thoughts or suggests welcome.

Happy baking.



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Mini Oven

"...the raisins that extend beyond the dough burn."

Exactly.  The solution is to push the exposed ones back into the dough with your finger or handle of a wooden spoon.  Some are easier just to pull off and bury underneath but inside the dough where protected.