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Interesting disaster aversion

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Interesting disaster aversion

Thank goodness....

 Today, I had two loaves rising on a baguette pan - a sweet, delicate, fruity dough that I wanted to try in a longer shape, for some reason.  As I was putting the fully risen loaves into the oven, one of them slid off the pan and fell between the door and the oven floor!  I put it back onto the pan as quickly as I could, but it had ultimately fallen back to half the size of the other loaf - and was wrinkly and ragged to boot.  What else could I do?  I baked it anyway.  What do you know?  It oven sprang(?) to almost exactly as large as the other one, with no dents, only some dark scars to indicate where the wrinkles had been.  Very interesting.... and delicious!

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Omigosh. You must have had some healthy dough there. :)

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Boy, you got lucky.  Be sure to play the lottery tomorrow.  Serously... glad you saved the baguette and it turned out un-dented(???) and tasted delicious. Dark scars show character.  You made my day, Great Post!


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You see, the rule we learned as kids applies universally. Dropsy's only count if you get caught, and germs don't matter in under 10 seconds (unless it's sweets, then it's 20 seconds).

I saw a video a while back of a baker in Europe roughly bouncing dough out of the banneton and down on the peel. It made me re-think my gentle handling and long proofing times. Your experience seems to agree with the idea that dough is resilient. Thanks for sharing that.