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50 Percent Whole 5 Grain Sourdough

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50 Percent Whole 5 Grain Sourdough

Lucy has been crafting bread for my wife of late.  I’m still not eating carbs but she is which is good if you like to make bread and can’t make any for yourself.  We have been trying to stick to her what she likes as best we can and, this week, we didn’t add in a yeast kicker.   The 5 grains were red and white wheat, rye, oat and spelt in equal proportions.


She isn’t much for seeds, nuts or fruits so add ins are no, nos and she wants bread that has whole grains in it, but still tall, soft and moist with a soft crust.  She likes her less open traditional, loaf bread the beat so that is what she is getting.  She is coming around to sourdough slowly but this one we hope will get her over the hump.  

Going in the fridge for bulk ferment.

This one has an 18% pre-fermented flour ,100% hydration, bran levain made with 15g of NMNF rye starter with all the bran from the whole grains in the levain.  Once it had doubled we retarded it for 24 hours. 

Going in the pan for final proof

We did a 1 hour autolyse with the rest of the HE, and the 25% King Arthur bread flour and 25% LaFama AP and enough water to get the hydration up to 80% with the 2% PHSS sprinkled on top.  We took the levain out of fridge to warm up, stirred it down and used it when it had risen 50% after 2 hours.

Ready for the heat.

We did 3 sets of slap and folds of 150, 25 and 25 slaps on 30 minute intervals. It seemed tight during the first set so we added another 5% water to get to slap a bit easier.  We then did 3 sets of starch and folds also in 30 minute intervals and then let the dough rest in an oiled SS bowl for 30 minutes before bulk retarding it for 12 hours.  No over proofing that way - yea!

After warming up 2 hours, we shaped it and put it into a wide loaf pan instead of the tall oriental Pullman and let it proof until it reached about ¾ of an inch above the rim of the pan in the middle.  It hit the heat at 550 F with 2 cups of water poured over the lava rocks to make Mega Steam.

It stayed at 500 F for 18 minutes of total steam because Lucy forgot to turn the oven down again.  Once the steam came out, we turned the oven down to 425 F convection for 8 minutes of dry heat.  At that point we took the bread out of the pan and baked it I the stone for 8 mire minutes at 400 F convection to try to compensate for the extra heat it got at the beginning.

It worked because the bread was only 208 in the middle but really boldly baked to perfection.  We will have to wait in the crumb shot till tomorrow when my wife needs sandwich slices.  The crumb ended up like a sandwich loaf should.  Soft moist, not so open but not dense either.  Just the way she likes it!


Its a plate of meaty, juicy, smoky ribs for me but Lucy says a salad a day will keep her at bay - she lied! But a good breakfast on bake day with veggie noodle soup for lunch can't be beat.


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I would love to taste that. Maybe during the holidays while I am taking a break from the 12 loaves routine, I’ll try this !

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have a poolish kicker and it has way more whole grains so it generally just tastes better.  You would like it for sure.  I took a permanent break from doing twelve loaves 50 years ago.  The closest I came to it missed it, by half or so,  was my daughters wedding this time last year.  I don't know how you do it without plenty of eggnog and bourbon:-)  

Happy baking Danni

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I want a sammich! And those ribs -- they bring tears to my eyes.

Well done!

Keep on baking.


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were St. Louis style which are meatier, juicier and tastier...... my favorite to smoke by far.  My wife and I ate half the rack right out of the smoker then split the left overs in two pieces to freeze so we could get 3 meals out of that $6.50 rib.  One of the two is now gone too  so we have one to go but I have to buy another rack today while they are on sale for $1.77 a pound!

This bread slices thin so even I have an pen faced sammy now and again with it. 

Glad you like it and happy baking DW

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I hope the wife liked this one. Looks like the perfect sandwich bread to me.  I made a less complicated sandwich bread for my wife which I'll post soon.  I started the oven at 450 and lowered it to 425 for the duration.  My wife thought I must have done something bad and must be guilty of something for making her such a plain bread ?.

Max and Lexi say Happy Baking to Master Chef Lucy!

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every day with it - what's not to like anyway?  I've got her up to 50% whole grain SD now:-)  You would have loved these ribs Ian.  They were best we have made in a long time and they are hardly ever bad after 50 years of making them:-)  Time to start thinking about 1849 Gold Rush SD Fruit Cake this week so it can get properly aged - or snockered as Lucy says.

Your wife knows you too well if she thinks you have been bad and trying to make up to her with a bread she might like.  My wife knows I am too lazy to do anything nice like that and just knows when I've been bad anyway - with or without bread!  I did buy her some rather expensive Durant and Booth Chardonnay the other day after she told me not to -  trying to make up in advance for whatever I do bad next.  I got her 3 bottles so I can be really bad doing something I figure:-)

Glad you likk the bread Ian and Lucy sends her best to the Black Ones.  She has been freezing since it has been in the 60's lately with temps 10 degrees below normal.  It is supposed to 72 to day and and cloudy go figure.  Happy baking Ian!

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for the queen of the house like Ian and you. Not because I'm feeling guilty or what, but due to the fact that I've been baking SD bread that my mom wouldn't eat. Like last week, I baked a loaf with the type of cheese she hates the most i.e. goat cheese. I had to make her another batch of bread (the semola milk buns) so that there was some food for her weekend breakfast. However, generally speaking, I don't have much interest in the bread I baked specifically for her: it tasted a bit bland without all the whole and sprouted grains... 

Not only do the ribs look great to me, the smoked sausages are killer as well! You make me have an urge to get a smoker, which is mission impossible considering the size of the flat I'm living in. Since you're the one who triggered this craving, you're responsible for taming it by posting all kinds of smoked goodies more often!

I'm glad your wife like the bread, it does look grand for a sandwich loaf. For sure it'd beat any "100% whole grains" bread on the market :)