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Panettone - Ankarsrum or tried and true KA ?

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Panettone - Ankarsrum or tried and true KA ?

Panettone time and still not too experienced with the Ankarsrum ! I use Susan’s (Wild Yeast) recipe every year in the KA . Now I am wondering if I should pull it out of semi retirement or use the Ankarsrum . I would appreciate advice from Panettone bakers / Ankarsrum users. Roller & scraper or hook ? And I assume a longer mixing time ?

Thank you , Merlie

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liz grieve

Hi Merlie

I use the roller when I make pannetone  Happy Baking 

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I refreshed my madre and all seemed well.  

I did a double batch of my preferred panettone recipe, Lahey's from Sullivan St Bakery.  It looked like cake batter.  I ended up adding 200g of additional flour.


Can you describe what your panettone dough looks like coming off the Ankarsrum?

I really hope this isn't great for bread pudding, because I don't have much citron to hand nor my preferred jumbo golden raisins.