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Dan Leader: On No Retardation in Whole Grain Breads

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Dan Leader: On No Retardation in Whole Grain Breads

On page 33 of Dan Leader's Local Breads, he says:

Some professional bakers retard whole grain bread and rye breads, but I wouldn't recommend this to home bakers?

Is whole wheat a whole grain bread?  If so, P. Reinhart in his latest book would definitely disagree with this.

Are there experienced people out there with a viewpoint on this?

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I retard my whole grain dough on a regular basis as do many on this site.  I bake 100% whole grain 95% of the time.  Interesting comment by Leader but you can't believe everything you read :)  I didn't catch that in the bit I have read of that book.  I can't for the life of me think of why he would say that.  I'm sure he has his reasons.

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staff of life

I wouldn't retard a whole grain rye sourdough (I think all his ryes are sourdough) as they tend to get too acidic and fall apart in the oven, but I see no reason as to not retard whole wheat.


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Two things -

He also said you can't get a window in whole grain bread, which several of us here have done.

The bakers on this site are perhaps a bit more knowledgeable than your average home bread baker. We're certainly more obsessive about our bread! 

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Mini Oven

retardation of my rye when I prepare my starter.  I start out with a few tablespoons and let it ripen in the kitchen for a few hours, then add more water and rye and park it where it's cooler overnight.   Then add to it soaked seeds, water and spelt flour in the morning. 


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It is strange that this question has not come up before.

I would have thought that the answer to the difference of opinion would have been a clear one from those more experienced than myself.

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Those kinds of disagreements are a sign that bread making is an art, not a science.