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25% whole wheat, hybrid yeast/starter boule

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25% whole wheat, hybrid yeast/starter boule


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25% whole wheat (inc starter) (sieved to remove largest bran pieces then that bran ground and re-added to the rest)

75% AP (inc starter)

76% hydration (inc starter)

20% starter (mine is 80/20 AP/WW and 50% hydration)

0.15% tsp Instant Yeast (1/4 tsp for a kilo of flour)

2% fine kosha salt


add starter, mix.

ferment for a few hours (3 for this one)

add instant yeast and salt, mix.

ferment for a long time until its doubled or hopefully tripled in size (12-16 hrs)

shape, rest, shape

place in banetton and proof (this one was 2 or 3 hours proofing)


Preheat dutch oven at 425f

Baked in dutch oven for 10 mins .  Raise temp to 450f and continue to cook in dutch oven for another 10mins.

Remove lid cook until done (~25mins).

I remove the loaf from the pan and leave on the oven shelf with the door cracked open 6" to cool.




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Sorry forgot to add

Fold 4 times (every 20/30 mins) after adding instant yeast and salt