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Thom Leonard's Recipe:Again

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Thom Leonard's Recipe:Again

I have begun making this bread with the related rye-starter, and have a few questions.

Even if the starter is very active, and subsequently the levain is too, the dough rises poorly and seemingly none at all during the first 3 hours. Also, during that period it is hard to turn the dough over every 30' because it is so sticky, but I sort of turn it with a spoon. I let it rise at about 78 degrees the first 3 hours. In the 4 hour subsequent rise, at about 71 degrees, it rises only a bit - maybe 10%. But the "oven spring" is usually enough to make it rise enough (but I wish it were more). Instead of a boule I cut the dough in half before the 4 hour rise and make two batards.


Is there an optimal rising temperature?

Can anyone give me advice on the above problems, or at least perceived problems?


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This has become the standard sourdough in our house. You say your starter is very I am wondering if you are kneading long enough, and/or maybe need to add a bit more flour. Do you get a windowpane after kneading? Your dough should be slightly tacky, but not sticky.