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Yeast substitution issue

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Yeast substitution issue

Hi all, newbie here! I make a delicious cinnamon roll recipe that I've always used Red star Instant yeast with. The other day, I tried to sub in Saf-Gold yeast and it was a disaster!!! I tried the recipe multiple times thinking it couldn't be an issue with the yeast but still turned out the same every time.

The dough was so sticky that it never came together and I ended up needing to add way too much flour and mixing it for too long and the bread came out tough and hard. Why won't this yeast work for me?


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Mini Oven

There could be several factors going on... a change in humidity, forgot the salt, too much yeast, higher dough temperature.  Sticky dough sounds like it overfermented.  Without the recipe, I suggest a try at using only half the amount of yeast and watch the dough carefully for the next run.  

Eric made this comment about comparing the two instant yeasts: