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Sourdough Pizza, Yum

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Sourdough Pizza, Yum

550 dF convection bake with Pizza Stone.

  • 15% half whole wheat sourdough starter
  • 5% whole wheat
  • 80% all purpose flour
  • 70% hydration

Bulk ferment for 2 hours in fridge and 2 hours at room temp. 

used parchment paper to make sliding pizza onto stone easy. 


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Because it so just so good. It should be its own food group.  Well done and happy baking TBD


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Looks good. Now, about this 'food group' business. A food group is a group of foods AND I see grains, dairy, fruit (tomato is a fruit no matter what the US Supreme court ruled) and meat all grouped together, ergo a food group. And, it's a darned good looking group, too. Beer is a food group. You've got grains and vegetables (hops are even green - how could you be more vegetable-like?), therefore beer is a food group, too. Pizza and beer - a nutritional powerhouse - have it at least four nights a week.

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gotta love pizza - this looks great ! I always have blow torch oven-side and like to scorch the crust to sort of fake the brick oven effect - I mentioned pliers too - they aren't required just makes for a good pulp fiction reference ;)

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with a great cornice.  Makes me want to make pizza at home again - soon!  Do you rotate your pizza in the oven halfway through the bake?  I ask since one side of the crust is charred nicely but not the other.


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"Do you rotate your pizza in the oven halfway through the bake?"

I wish I had. I baked 5 pizzas that night. The one in the photo was the first. After seeing how only half the pizza had the beautiful blistered cornice, I decided to start rotating them 180 degrees after the first half had blistered. But... the first pizza in my oven is always the best, the pizza stone never has enough time to recover back to full temp after the first pizza.

The more I cook pizza's, the more I envy people with ovens that can get up to higher temperatures. Mine maxes out at 550 dF (which is pretty good for a run of the mill oven).