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Every time I cook my loaf the top 2ins is soggy can you help please

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Just guessing, because the top is usually done and it is the middle that might be under done.

Check the accuracy of the oven setting with a thermometer.

Preheat the oven and let it stand at the temperature for about five minutes before placing the loaf in the oven.

Check the internal temperature of the loaf.  It should be about 195*F (91°C).

Let me know whether this helps.  


P. S.

OOPS!  I am sorry, I just found out that you are talking about a "bread machine".  My comments do not apply!  I don't use a bread machine and cannot help you.



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Most common problem is leaving the baked bread in machine, either with lid opened or closed. However, different machines recommended recipes vary, and some recommended recipes need adjustments to the amount of ingredients. Check if the cycle allows you to choose the crust ranging from light to dark before you hit 'Start'. Hopefully this points to some areas that require looking at.

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Tyler Dean

As bread cools it seems that moisture is released. Makes sense. So I would recommend taking the bread out as soon as it is done, and putting on a rack to cool. Make sure that there is plenty of air flow all around the bread as it cools. It's also best to wait at least an hour, two if you can stand it, before cutting into any freshly baked loaf. A good 200 degrees interior is what I prefer for a well baked crumb.

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i never bake in my machine. Set it on dough cycle when it’s finished put dough in bread pan..let it rise then bake. I think you will b much happier with the loaves Happy Baking!