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A sweet, sickening smell to my dough

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A sweet, sickening smell to my dough

My starter was active, my flour fresh, as was the buttermilk and the molasses that I added to my rye sourdough loaves, but as they sat on the counter, proofing, I found myself becoming more apprehensive.  The smell wasn't a rancid odor, nor a gaseous or ammonia one, but rather, a sweet and sickening flora that led me to conclude that these loaves couldn't be salvaged.  Now, I have this question:

 If this yeast grew, exploded into all its glory into the air of my kitchen, will it dissipate almost as quickly as it came?  Or, am I to be troubled with it if I take my starter from the fridge to refresh and bake will I find that it attaches itself to the next loaf?  Seriously, can this beast be tempered, beaten, and overthrown?  How do I expel this devil? 

P.S.  Yes!  I've cleaned the kitchen, wiped the countertops, run the items through the dishwasher and secured the nastiness within two plastic bags delegated to the garbage pail located OUTSIDE of the house. 

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Mini Oven

Smell like worn sweat socks or wet sport shoes?

Mini O

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but then I didn't really need one, I knew it was beyond saving.  Even baking the dickens out of it could not have saved it. 

Not a smell of sweat, just sweet and lingering in a most nauseating manner.  I wish I could be more specific, but I'm at a loss, with the exception of giving an analogy that will fail the gentlemen here.  It was one of those aroma's that sat with me, followed me, if you will, not unlike a food one finds repulsive in the throws of pregnancy: pungent, repulsive, oppressive.   Oh, and I'm in my mid-50's and no longer able to conceive...I'd better add that before I leave or someone will think that I have a REAL bun in the oven.  (wink)

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My sourdough starter gives off the smell of bananas sometimes, although I can't say it ever struck me as overwhelming. It goes away when the bread bakes and all is well.


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Just when I started to think about trying sourdough again....I think I'll wait. :S