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Losing my shape!

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Losing my shape!


Looking for advice from any of you great shapers, out there.

I have a consistent problem no matter what formula I use. I proof to the shape I want and then, when I move my proofed dough onto my peel, it just starts to spread. From there onto the stone, and more spread!

My bread's good, and the crust and crumb are lovely texture and yummy, but I can't keep a shape to save my life.

What should I try?

Thanks, to all, in advance, for your ideas.


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Sounds like poor dough strength. Check your kneading and folding technique.

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 Thanks for the thought, henchal.  What do you suggest I check it against? 


Prandium longa. Vita brevis.

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   If you've tried different formulas and it always spreads after you proof, you may be overproofing. What are you proofing your shaped loaves in? If they are just free rising and you try to move them to a peel they'll spread out. Torpedo shapes tend to hold up better with "free form" proofing. Boules or baguettes, not so well. If you are a little more specific about your proofing, formulas, techniques and shapes, I'm sure somebody could help you out.

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You might try a new peel - I have been using a Super Peel since I got it for Christmas. It sure makes moving dough around much easier.