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Korean Sourdough Boule

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Korean Sourdough Boule

I called this Soon Doo Boo Sourdough!

I used only 10% levain and used kimchi liquid, silk tofu, green onions and black sesame seeds. It took around 24 hours until bake.

The flavor came out mildly savory and the soft texture was  wonderful toasted.


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I love Korean food. I know how this one tastes! Did you use baechu-kimchi juice? I'm not a big fan of baechu-kimchi, I like the radish kimchi more, so kkakdugi, dongchimi but chonggak kimchi is my favorite kimchi! I also love soondubu-jjigae!

I have also made a Korean inspired sweet bread taking inspiration form yaksik. Here it is which you may like to check.

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It was from Napa cabbage kimchi. 

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kind of flavour combination in bread! Sounds lovely, and the crumb you got on this one is beautiful. 

How much of the 24 hours was bulk fermentation and how much was shaped proof? Did you refrigerate at all? 

Really nice bake!! 


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Autolyse for 30 mim

BF@RT for 2 hours

Cold retard for 18 hours

RT for 2 hours

Bench for 30 min

One hour FF - 30 min in the fridge/30 min in the freezer


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but now I want to make some because you can't buy it anywhere in Arizona.  Very nice indeed - Well done 

Happy Kimchi baking!

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Goes very well with any kind of cheese. I added Parmesan once and it was so pungent I couldn’t smell nor taste kimchi at all.  Cheddar was milder and nice too.

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Crumb looks perfect.

So what effect on the flavor do you think the tofu had?

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I used silk tofu and drained the liquid overnight. Even though I reduced hydration to 65% it added hydration. I think tofu helps create nice texture.

Thank you!