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Fellow Bakers,

I had the opportunity to get some special flour named Ruchmehl, which is used to make a darker bread in Switzerland. It is some sort of half-half wheat flour that provides a darker color to the crumb and nutty flavor. This flour is widely used in Switzerland for their daily bread.

The process was quite standard.


10 g starter

50 g Ruchmhel

50 g water

Matured for about 18 hrs, which produced some sour notes to the bread flavor.


All levain

245 g Ruchmehl

149 g water

4 g salt

Mixed well and kneaded for about 2 minutes on the counter. Applied 1 stretch and fold within the first 30 min into the fermentation. Let ferment for 1 hour and placed it in the fridge for 6 hours, then applied another S&F. Let it in the fridge for another 3 to 4 hours (can't remember well). Removed from the fridge and let rest on the counter for about 3 hours (final fermentation had some bubbles on the sides). Shaped and proofed for 45 min, then baked on a preheated oven / pot for 25 min lid on + 10 min lid off at 230C / 450 F.

I am pleased with the final result, including color, crust and crumb. The loaf presented a great nutty flavor with some tang notes, but nothing too overwhelming. The crumb showed a lot of small holes to my surprise, and that was a first for me.

If you have any experience with this kind of flour, please share here.



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wish i had explored bakeries when I was in Switzerland in 2014. Had other things going on. That is a beautiful loaf. Why do you break up the fermentation with refrigeration alternating?

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Hi Carol, I actually do not know why I broke up the fermentation, so I have no answer to your question. I was just going to leave the dough in the fridge until shaping time, but I decided to apply another S&F while it was cold in the fridge. Not sure if that is the reason for the fine crumb.

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Really nice looking loaf.  Love the crumb.  Well done.

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Thanks, finally go some time to post. Have been around checking on the nice pictures though.

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Looks very tender. I know everybody is into holy, irregular bread, but I think that's a testimony to the fact that a finer crumb can be sexy, too.

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Thanks, it is tender and the fine crumb was actually a good outcome. I found a good reference posted here some time ago by Wandering Bread. The crumb was much open then the one I got:


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 the hydration at 66% is pretty low.  That the same hydration that I store my NMNF starter in the fridge at - for up to 24 weeks.  I think 72 - 75% would really open it up if that is what you want to do.

\It looks fine just the way it is though and should make great toast and sandwiches.

Happy baking 

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Right on, will report later on upped hydration


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Hello Dab,75% hydration shows a more open crumb. Tastes good and it will be lunch today.