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Sourdough Ruchbrot

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Wandering Bread

Sourdough Ruchbrot

Hey y'all. Has anyone here ever baked with Swiss "Ruchmehl"? I just tried it for the first time and I really like it. It's somehwere between medium and whoe wheat. A lot of flavor but can still hold together gluten wise. 

I'm only here in Switzerland for another week so I figured it was time to give this a try. Now I'm wishing I had done it months ago!

It was super tasty with a full wheat flavor and a crunchy crust with a cool, soft crumb.  

I also wanted to say it's been very inspirational to read all of your posts in tribute to Eric. I wish I had been around to get to know him, he clearly had a huge impact on many of you, who have in turn had a large impact on me. I am very sorry for your loss and I am grateful for his legacy here.


Ruchbrot formula at Wandering Bread


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and love your blog too.  Safe travels back to Taxas.   After your travels, Texaas may be too small for you :-)

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Wandering Bread

Ha, never! Travelling the world makes me realize just how big Texas really is. You can drive from Germany through Switzerland all the way to Italy in less time than it takes to drive from Houston to El Paso. 

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That's one active levain you had there... Very nice crumb and I imagine perfect for thick spreads and savoury accompaniments. 

If you don't mind answering, I've a couple of questions: Knowing that you're in Switzerland, I'd like to know more about the breads made there. What's your general impression of them and any particular variety that you're fond of?

Take care and hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Switzerland.


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Mini Oven

        "W" for wonderful!

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Tres beaux, WB! And a lovely crumb!