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Using starter after refrigerating?

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Using starter after refrigerating?


I am going away over the weekend and i need to put my starter on hold for 3 days. So how do i start using it again after taking it out of the fridge?

Leave it to room remperature? Feed it immediately? What do i do?

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Lechem (not verified)

Then carry on as normal - is the usual way. 

For myself I see no reason in carrying on straight away and waiting that extra time it needs (the difference between a 6 and two 3's). Or feed it using warm water. 

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I keep my mother starter in the refrigerator 24-7.  When I want to bake I use a small amount around 57 grams or less to build a fresh levain.  Sometimes I will keep the levain in the refrigerator for a day to develop further flavor or if I can't bake right away.