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Eggless Brioche?

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Eggless Brioche?

I figure I'll mess around with this over the next week but I was wondering if anyone has made Brioche without, I know there will probably be plenty of thoughts (and maybe posted comments) around why oh why would you bake Brioche without eggs but humor me.  I know that getting the fluffyness isn't a problem since the eggs help rather than produce on their own the loft of an enriched dough.  I'm not that experienced with enriched breads so I'm wondering if I should subsitute (I usually use flax meal and water) or just leave them out.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks.

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I've never made brioche myself, and I am also into the omitting eggs, dairy (if it can be replaced with comething healthier like sunflower oil) etc thing. But I think there are somethings you cant quite add "replacements" to, bfore they are no longer what there were.If you get me.

I think Brioche is Brioche because of the eggs and butter. So if people like you and I start replacing the eggs with flaxmeal and oil, it isnt going to quite reach the standard. It wouldnt be an "enriched" dough. Just a plain bread dough with oil and flax meal. Not really brioche.


Well thats my 2 cents. But good luck in trying to replicate it with replacements. I am curious as to how it turns out!

You may prove me wrong and I will be begging you for the recipe!



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Lecithin Granules?  I've added these to bread in the past, then decided it was easier to just add an egg as eggs have lecithin.  Eggs also have fat.  I've no idea what the substitution formula would be, but someone at King Arthur Flour could probably give you some pointers.  Their website has a phone number - I don't know if staff answer questions on their discussion boards. 

I wouldn't try just skipping the eggs altogether. I suspect you can make a very brioche-like bread, even if it is a bit different. Good luck on your attempt!