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Is this mold?

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Is this mold?

This is my spelt sourdough starter and i woke up to this today.  I stirred in part of it for the sake of contrast and comparison.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Lechem (not verified)

If it is mould then the best advice would be to try and find a non affected part and salvage it. 

This is a case for Debra Wink. 

I'll message her for you. 

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Hi - i have had similar situations when I went on holiday. I carefully lifted up the  mould blanket and took a tiny portion of starter from underneath to use. All back to usual rise and fall  now with regular feedings.

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Has happened more and more to me  this past year and I am not sure why. My starter is 9 yrs old and this year it has happened several times and I have been in 3 very different geographical locations !!  If you lift off a thick layer and then use a new utensil to transfer the portion to a sterile container and feed as usual you will be fine....till the next time. I watched a video the other day that was posted from a French bakery and the first thing the baker did was remove the lid from the pot of starter and scoop out a generous handful and discard it !! She then took out the next lower portion to use for her levain . You will be pleasantly surprised at how indomitable your starter is. Caroline

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I think it might explain what is going on with your starter since it looks very similar to what is shown. I don't remember why I came across this a week or so ago but your picture reminded me of this thread.

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Debra Wink

Not sure what kind it is, but it reminds me of one I grew on a raisin yeast water. It looked like crumpled silk fabric.

What I found with yeast waters was that mold only grew when yeast didn't. Your sourdough doesn't look like it has active yeast, judging from the tiny bubbles.