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Christmas Cake

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Christmas Cake

Very excited and thought I'd share. This just arrived (in case you thought I'd baked it). The excellent baker who made this for me has been working on it for months. Apparently it gets fed alcohol for a long time. Sounds good to me :)

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Wow! Nice friend! Give a crumb shot!

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Lechem (not verified)

I'm going to try and hold off till the holidays but I highly doubt that'll happen. Watch this space.

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Chanukah, which means that we are already well into the "holidays".  You have been granted free pass to indulge.

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Lechem (not verified)

I don't need too much convincing :)

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I'll PM you my Fedex number if you'll send me a piece :-)

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Hmm.. alcohol.. but then I think, oh, fruit cake.. but hmmmm alcohol...

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and it gets soaked in hooch several times but we don't usually ice it so nice like your friend did.  Nice gift fir sure!