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I am back with Bob 2.0

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I am back with Bob 2.0

OK so in July I moved from Poland to Sweden and a couple of weeks ago I started a new starter called Bob 2.0 (my original starter was called Bob because it reminded me of Bob from the Minions).

Bob 2.0 is ready to use now, so next week I will make my first loaf with him - I am really looking forward to see how things are different because my environment is completely different.

In Poland I lived in an apartment in the middle of a big concrete city with high polution - however in Sweden I live in the countryside on top of a mountain 16km from civilisation in a wooden house surrounded by thousands of acres of forest.

As such I am expecting the natural yeast to be very different as I am sure pollution and other factors probably have an impact on yeast.

I will follow the same recipe as my successful bakes previously and will post pictures to this thread of the first loaf.  I have to say, I am very excited.