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Two starters?

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Two starters?

I used the Bien Cuit bread book for the first time and the sourdough rye bread recipe lists two starters, one with sourdough starter and one with a little but of powdered yeast. I am unclear as to whether you are supposed to use one or the other or both!  The recipe reads "add the starter" (singular), not the starters (both).  I am stymied as to what is the right thing to do.  Anyone know?


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Lechem (not verified)

One starter and the other a biga or poolish. Can you post the recipe? 

EDIT: I have found the Autumn Maple Rye Bread recipe from the book. There is a poolish, but no sourdough starter, although he does call it a starter. I think the terminology is confusing. Is this the recipe you're following? 

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he uses “ starters”. You are to use both. 

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I use them both at the same time in some of my breads. To me it is more of a flavor-thing than a leavening-thing. 

Follow this link to the forum glossary:

Typically the levain and poolish are made about 12 hours in advance of the final mix. My formulas use a boost of yeast in the final mix as well. I cannot speak to the formula you are using.