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Carrot Poppyseed Loaf!

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Carrot Poppyseed Loaf!

This loaf really surprised me! The carrot juice doesn't make it sweet, which was my fear. The recipe produced a nice savory and complex loaf. I added the turmeric and black pepper for the health benefits. 

I also filmed another video documenting the process! I added a soundtrack that my friend made for the video. She made the music using sounds from my kitchen (ie, the stove burner turning on, a knife against a cutting board etc). It's pretty cool, you guys should check it out! 

Now here come the pictures (you guys know how much I love my pictures haha),


I love how bright this bread is! Surprisingly, the orange color is much brighter in person than it is on color!

Happy baking!


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You know how much WE love your pictures (and now your videos), too, right?!

The soundtrack was really well done, and totally suited the video, so please pass on the kudos to your friend for her part.  As for the video - it's great!  I can't get enough of watching "goo" become "dough" ;)

Just because it is a flavour combination that I love, you might want to get some rye flour in there next time you do a carrot bake (cuz rye and carrots is amazeballs).

Love that you got such a lovely crumb from what could be a very dense dough.  Thanks so much for sharing, and keep on baking happy!

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Thank you, my friend will be thrilled to hear the positive feedback. I think I'll definitely up the rye quantity to 40% when I make this loaf again on halloween...

I love watching goo become dough too! I don't know what it is, but, lately ever since I started experimenting with different mix-ins, all of my doughs turn into a watery slime mess at some point during the process and every time, I'll look up and go "oh dear God WHY!!" but then everything comes together and I apologize to God for yelling at him haha 

thanks so much again!

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Yes, please keep posting videos... they are so helpful in seeing someone else's technique! That is a super nice loaf of bread! I would never have thought of including carrot and carrot juice in a loaf! Well done!

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You were one of my biggest inspirations when I first started on this site! I'll definitely keep the videos coming, and maybe my cat will make more appearances in them lol

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Wow, this is stunning! 

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Beautiful crumb and crust.  Nice scoring too!


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Love everything: the end product with its vibrant color, your video, the amazing music!

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love this post and there is  a video ^_^ THANKS!