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Chestnut, Raisin, Walnut Sourdough with Whole Wheat, Espresso, and Cocoa

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Chestnut, Raisin, Walnut Sourdough with Whole Wheat, Espresso, and Cocoa

The title is a mouthful I know. 

But wow this bread might be my new favorite.

I made a video showing how I made these loaves. It's pretty straight to the point, if anyone is interested in watching. Don't mind my pajamas lol.  

if not, pictures coming right up:

This bread came out so dark and Yes, new favorite for sure.


Happy baking!


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Loved the video !!  Could you post the amounts of ingredients ?  Would love to try this one for sure . Thanks for a fun tutorial  !!  c

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the amounts are all in the video but I'll compile them in one list here!


500g whole wheat

500g bread flour

8g cocoa powder

2 tbsp espresso powder

870g water

22g salt


Mix all these ingredients together first and set aside for a couple of hours. After that, fold in 130g active starter, following the technique shown in the video.


Fillings: 240g chestnuts 100g raisins 100g walnuts


This yields two loaves of bread!

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i must have missed the water and salt amounts! Love your slap and folds-- . I will be making this with a few modifications and will post back. Lovely lame skills too. c

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You have me drooling here! Those loaves look incredible! I am definitely bookmarking this one. I just need to find the peeled chestnuts. 

Oh ans I love that your cat tried to get in on the action!

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Very sueful to watch your technique.  Thanks. I've been wondering about what to do for thanksgiving weekend.  This might be the answer! Now to find chestnuts.

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found the levain in the text.  Mixing this up now.  Happened to remember a can of chestnuts in the panrty!

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what a fun video!  That sped up slap-and-fold had me giggling...

Yup - you've definitely got the skillz!  Thanks for sharing some inspiration - and some fun (cute 'jammies, by the way)

Love seeing you post, and keeping on baking happy!

Best, Laurie

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Dropped one of the two loaves on the way to the oven and it actually came out better than the one I didn't drop (go figure) Used really strong coffee instead of expresso powder/water but the rest as written and it is amazing.  Love it.  thanks for sharing.

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I'm so happy to hear that you made this recipe. Good call with the strong coffee! I'm making a batch of this bread again today 

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This is an awesome looking loaf. I've begun the hobby with a copy of FWSY and haven't advanced to sourdough yet. Can you envision adapting this to a non-sourdough recipe? Thoughts on how to go about it?