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3-Stage Levain Builds: Beyond Detmolder & Auerman

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Mr. Waffles

3-Stage Levain Builds: Beyond Detmolder & Auerman

I'm curious if anyone is aware of other "well known" three-stage builds, other than the Detmolder loaf and the Auerman process? And if so, could you share any names or links to them?

I'm in the process of researching 18th-century French sourdough techniques, and not only do they habitually use 3-stage builds, but they're surprisingly varied. I'm curious if I can sync-up any of them with current 3-stage processes. More interesting would be finding that no one builds sourdoughs the same way anymore, in regard to hydration/time/temperature. My guess is they don't, but I'd love to be corrected.

Thanks! - Mr. Waffles