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5lb GM "Bread" flour no longer Harvest King

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Thor Simon

5lb GM "Bread" flour no longer Harvest King

The product that's been back on the shelves the past few months since the unfortunate recall, though it's still in a yellow bag, is not the same stuff.  Per the sell sheet and as confirmed by GM via email, it is "a mixture of spring and winter wheats" with unspecified protein content (Harvest King is all domestic winter wheat with a 12% spec).  The previous product labelled either as "Better for Bread" or "Harvest King" depending on size and market has been discontinued in all sizes smaller than 50#.

It is also no longer specified whether this new "Bread Flour" product is bleached (are they required to say on the bag if it is?).

Might as well buy Pillsbury Bread Flour is my take on it.  I guess it's back to retail KA for small quantities and periodic bulk buys in the months when I'm baking more.