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Date, crimson raisin and pecan SD

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Date, crimson raisin and pecan SD

Thanks to Danni's  post I got out my starter , fed 'er up and started mixing. I followed most of her formula but used some Winter Wheat from Breadtopia and added 60g brown sugar to the fruit soaker with the 60g of butter. I didnt put any cinnamon due to her experience and I didn't want to do a swirl in the center of the bread. Maybe next time. 

I did my bake in a 425degree preheated cast iron pot lid on 15 min and reduce heat to 375 bake additional 25 min. Perfect finish at 210 internal temp. Got great rise and lovely color and fragrance. Just took out of the oven so crumb pics later on .... if we can wait! This bread smells fabulous! 


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Looks like a successful come back bread!  Welcome home and great to see one of your bakes.  I love bread with nuts so I'm sure I would enjoy this one.


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the flavor is amazing. I have never added brown sugar before but will definitely do it again. 60 g for 3 loaves is such a small amount but a huge impact on taste. Crust is lovely and really caramelized and the crumb is tender and slightly sweet. Will make this often and try other fruits. Nice to be back. c

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And you got great oven spring on that loaf! Adding a bit of sugar is something I will have to try next time. 

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I really am glad that I had your experience with the cinnamon to guide me on this !  I have never put it in SD so wouldn't have thought about its ability to slow the process as much as you discovered. I remembered later having read that it slowed the yeast so always put it in as a swirl in yeast breads. The idea of the brown sugar was just an inspiration as it was sitting on the counter and I had forgotten to put it away  ! Serendipitous. It is such a small amount for the 3 loaves and such a big impact. I also made the salt 2% so put in 19 g and it tastes great so you might try that as well if you are interested. Anyway it is a wonderful bread and thank you again for posting. c

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I've really enjoyed many of your past bakes / blogs, so it is very nice to see you back posting again. 

Thanks for sharing!

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thank you !!  I always enjoy your posts as well . I have missed a lot in the past 6-7 weeks so need to find time to look back at all the bakes. This one is really good. We made toast with almond butter and local honey on it this AM and it was so yummy. I look forward to more participating in the coming weeks. c

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I have a similar loaf I used to make with walnuts, craisins, and gold raisins but my loaf had cardamom and coriander. Wonderful perfume as it baked and toasted. Freshly milled hard red spring wheat gave it wonderful flavor,also.

Your loaf is "eye candy". Yum!