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Cranberry Pecan Orange Blossom Sourdough

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Cranberry Pecan Orange Blossom Sourdough

The inspiration for this one came from Lechem's loaf. I did very minimal changes to it. Basically, I only changed the amount of levain to accommodate my 80% levain.


1. Toast 40 g pecans.

2. Soak 50 g cranberries in 30 g water.

3. Autolyse all above with 335 g unbleached flour, 80 g fresh milled Selkirk wheat, 262 g water, and 18 g orange blossom water.

4. Mix in 10 g seal salt and 117 g of 80% levain.

5. Do four sets of folds a half hour apart and let rise until just over double. 

6. Pre-shape, let rest a few minutes and do a final shape before placing in banneton.

7. Proof in fridge overnight.

8. The next day, bake right out of the fridge on a preheated to 475F pizza stone.

I used some water in the bottom for steam and threw in a couple of wet washcloths on the pizza stone next to the loaf. I couldn't find anything suitable to cover the loaf so I improvised. I did drop the temperature to 450F but I have no idea how long I baked it; probably 40 minutes or so. I watched the crust and took the internal temp. Once it hit 205F, I took it out of the oven. It had stuck to the pizza stone but with an egg turner and a bit of time, it released just fine. It smell wonderful. We will see how it tastes once we cut into it. 


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Lechem (not verified)

So glad you're trying it and hope you love it. Looking forward to the crumb shot and taste report. 

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C'est un beau pain et je suis sûr que c'est délicieux. Tous les ingrédients me semblent délicieux particulièrement la fleur d'oranger !

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I have to give a try to this bread but I am not sure if I can get all the ingredients. What is "orange blossom water" - never heard for it before.

Well done Danni and happy baking,


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since I'm another one who had never heard of "orange blossom water".  I'm not sure where I would look for it (likely my local hippie dippie health food store), but apparently it is an infusion made from the oils of the orange flower / blossom, and not the fruit at all.  Basically the same idea as rose water, I'm thinking?

I am curious as to just how much flavour you would get from it, as I love orange / cranberry as a flavour combination, but always struggle to get the orange strong enough to balance the cranberries. 

Nice job, and please do share the crumb shot and flavour description when you get a minute!

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is a very European thing. It isn't easy to find. I believe that I bought it in a store (Real Canadian Superstore) that carries a lot of foreign foods. I had it in my cupboard because it is an ingredient in Gâche Vendéenne which is a variation on brioche. 

The flavour is a subtle orange perfume. It is not like orange or orange zest at all. The best analogy I can come up with, would be the smell of an apple blossom as compared to the flavour of an apple itself. 

I think we will cut into this loaf tomorrow as we have just about finished the other fruit bread. 

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Another great looking bake. I love the ingredient combination on this one.  Let us know how the orange blossom water came through if at all.


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came through predominantly! I was kind of surprised at that. I also got a very nice crumb. I haven't taken a picture yet so that will have to wait a bit more. 

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So I found Orange Blossom Water on Amazon and bought a bottle.  I was going to try it with a Cranberry Blueberry no-knead that I adapted from a Forkish formula.  Then I got to thinking....always a bad idea, what if I used Grand Marnier or another Orange Liquor instead of the Orange Blossom water?




And yes the thought came to me as I was planning a different bake while having cocktail.  :)



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I just used Grand Marnier in my last weekend’s bake. Unfortunately, all the loaves were claimed so I can’t say how the flavour came through. Mind you I had all kinds of other flavours in there too.