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Getting antsy, waiting on Slow-Moe2

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The Roadside Pi...

Getting antsy, waiting on Slow-Moe2

My starter is at day five, Slow-Moe2 is looking active and smelling delish! However, still far from a stable strong starter. I needed to bake something, quick bread was just the ticket! One spur of the moment Irish soda bread.

Photo #1 - Good housekeeping recipe, Irish Soda bread.

Photo #2 - Slow-Moe2 at day five after 40g/40g/40g feeding. Such a happy little guy! 


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great - and I bet it'll taste great, too.

I'd be all about savouring the scent of Slow-Moe2, though --- there's something just so darned tempting about a happy, healthy starter smell!  From the looks of it, it shouldn't be too long until you get a good loaf of bread out of it.

Keep baking happy!

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Mini Oven

with the next spoon of flour, move to a larger container, it just might go over.