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Rosemary bread

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Rosemary bread

Hey, hope that you all are having a healthy breakfast. Do you follow any particular diet plan? Breakfast should be the most beneficial and rich in supplements as we get vitality for the entire day from breakfast.
Well, I used to have cornflakes with a cup of milk. But when I saw this delicious recipe for rosemary bread, I tried it once and the taste was really awesome. I bought dried rosemary herbs from one of the herbs and spices providers in Canada. I would like to share the recipe here.
The ingredients include white sugar, yeast, salt for taste, softened butter, dried rosemary, bread flour, eggs and olive oil. Dissolve the sugar in some warm water and add yeast into it. Mix in salt and butter with 1 teaspoon of rosemary and Italian seasoning, when the yeast is bubbly. Then mix the flour and squeeze for 12 minutes.
Batter a bowl with olive oil and place the dough. Keep in a warm location for 1 hour, and after that divide it into a half. Make the dough into round loaves and sprinkle some more rosemary. Brush the loaves with egg. Preheat microwave to 375 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. Delicious rosemary bread is ready.

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Lazy Loafer

And I grow my own rosemary, thanks.

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and fresh is about 100 times better than anything you can buy from one of the herb and spice folks in Canada:-)

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... especially since the user appears for the first time yesterday, posts inane comments at 9:16 and 9:24 on other threads, followed by this thing at 9:31.