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My 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs Sourdough Multigrain Miche

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My 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs Sourdough Multigrain Miche

Since my last post on TFL (see here), I've been steadily working on my shop with my partner Jana. Roof repaired and renovated, parking repaved, custom fixtures and furniture in progress (photos to be posted on a later date). Additionally, sooner than expected, I restarted my sourdough starter last month, February, and conducted countless experiments. 

  • Type 65 bread flour & Type 80 high extraction flour 

What prompted the resuscitation of my starter? Well, understandably, the flours above! After waiting for several weeks, I finally received 25 kg each of Type 65 bread flour and Type 80 high extraction flour from France.


  • 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs Sourdough Multigrain Miche

  • Crumb of Sourdough Multigrain Miche; contains unbleached wheat & rye flour, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, rolled oats, red rice & polenta 

What resulted after a month of experimenting was the "Sourdough Multigrain Miche". Previously called "7 Grain", my sourdough multigrain originated in early 2014, an adaptation and combination of Jeffrey Hamelman's "5 Grain Levain" and Chad Robertson's "Oat Porridge Bread'. Since that time, I have gradually refined the formula. However, the latest and greatest change is the final weight (from 800 g to 2.2 kg), the addition of flaxseeds and red jasmine rice, and the "incubation" temperature of the sourdough. The Sourdough Multigrain Miche now has an improved balance of acidity, namely increased acetic acid by developing a stiffer starter at approx 21C for 13 hours. 

Besides better flavour, the sheer size and inclusion of (cooked) rice improved the softness, custard-like texture of the bread, as well as extended shelf life. An important factor when, hopefully sometime this year, I sell and deliver my sourdough breads to other cities in Cambodia. 

  • Hybrid baguettes using poolish & sourdough starter

In tandem with the Sourdough Multigrain Miche, I've been experimenting with "hybrid" baguettes incorporating a poolish and sourdough starter. Similar to Tartine Baguettes by Chad Robertson, but still not satisfied with results. Admittedly, I'm also having difficulties shaping the baguettes beyond its standard hydration but will continue practicing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, possibly with keen interest. I promise, I shall post further updates on my bakery and shop.

Cheers and happy baking,

Mr. Zita
Head Bread Baker
Bang Bang



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Lechem (not verified)

Bakinggoodly. Excellent bakes. Looks amazing!

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Haha, yes, perhaps I should. Thank you!

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Thanks, David!

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the baguettes look pretty good to me - I haven't attempted them yet. All the best with your bakery and shop


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Thank you, Leslie! I'm not particularly satisfied with the flavour, volume, and scoring of the baguettes but further practice and a few minor adjustments to the recipe should resolve most of my concerns. Well, theoretically. 

Cheers and happy baking!


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Both breads look great Zita!  I was thinking to myself I need to make a rice bread soon and your hybrid bread looks perfect!  The crumb on your baguettes look great.  I'm sure you will get the flavor and shaping to your liking soon enough.  Can't wait to see your update post on your new venture.



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Thanks, Ian!

Rice has the ability to soak up lots of water, so adding "rice porridge" to your breads should improve its moisture level, texture, and shelf life. Highly recommended. As for the baguettes, I want consistent and massive ears on my baguettes, with of course pleasant flavour, but that seems to be out of reach. It'll take some time.



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The Poilane of Cambodia!.  Very nice indeed.  Good luck with the bakery and 

Happy Baking Zita

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Thank you, Dabs! 

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monster of a miche!

So nice to see you updating - I'd seen your earlier posts when I used to lurk here (long before I joined), and had been hoping that all was going well for you.

Joyous baking!

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Thank you, ID! 

I'm more of a lurker now than an active poster... but it is nice to update every now and then, knowing that I appreciate updates from familiar members on TFL. 

Cheers and jolly baking!