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100% + Hydration Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf

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100% + Hydration Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf

Hi Everyone.. I was lost, but now I'm found and back to making some bread. I just haven't had any time to bake in a long while. So I went a bit overboard this weekend by making sourdough waffles, sour dough banana bread and a high hydration whole wheat sandwich loaf. I was inspired by Mauirzio Leo at The Perfect Loaf with this recipe:  He has a remarkable site if you haven't seen it before.

I realized after the bake that I goofed. I ended up using dark whole wheat instead of white whole wheat and while I can't be sure now, I'm almost positive I didn't add a small amount of flour in his recipe (the 44gs of whole wheat). I was trying to do too much - these bakes an roast a chicken with veg. I seriously need to take a step back and do less!

I thought the dough was much too wet when trying to shape as i had a water film on my counter. The more I tried to shape, the more I had water under the dough. I know it could also be the tolerance of my flour to absorb the water.  I tried to shape it, and then the skin collapsed as I pushed it too far. It was a bit of a floppy mess, but it had resistence until I took it too far. 

By my account this is a 109% hydration dark whole wheat loaf! The pan is the only thing that saved it!



The crust is a bit crispier than I'd like. I placed the pan on a heated pizza stone and then covered it with an upside down stainless steel bowl to trap the heat for the first 25 minutes before I removed it and reduced the heat as he suggests.  The crumb is more moist than I like - i gave a slice a strong toast and that helped a lot - it's not gummy. The smell is a mix of caramel and whole wheat - very nice. It's very flavorful. I added 3g of malt powder as he suggests (but I need to test it to see if it's diastatic).

Overall, it could have been better but I'm definitely gonna eat it!  I'm going to try it again when I have time to give it my undivided attention and be sure I use the right flours!  Shaping was very difficult, but I could see that I was close - I think if I had the hydration and flours dialed in, It would have been more manageable.

Bake happy.. bread1965

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is lots to be proud of about it.  just wonderful.

Well done and happy baking 

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you're characteristically generous.. thank you! 

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Jacob Lockcuff

I tried the same recipe late last week but without diastatic malt powder. Mine turned out pretty good, but not as good as yours!! the crumb is fantastic here. Great bread.