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14 day to create mother starter vs. 4 day mother starter?

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14 day to create mother starter vs. 4 day mother starter?

I am trying to learn and soak in as much information before embarking on my first starter of my own. I found this awesome mother starter video but it took her 14 days to create her mother starter. Yet, here on this website a video that was just recommended which showed a mother starter that only took 4 days to create. What is the difference between these two starters and why the big difference in creation time?

Also, I would be curious of what you all think of this 14 day process.... please critique her.

14 day mother starter video (14 videos in this series)

 4 day mother starter video that was just recommended to me here on this website.

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Type of food and temp are the 2 biggest factors. With white flour being the slowest, and rye the fastest. Whole wheat somewhere in the middle, probably closer to rye (more nutrients and bugs in whole grains = quicker creation time - also different flavor profiles, with whole grains generally being more sour than white). I always seem to get things started with white flour (even used bleached without issue, just takes longer to get a bread ready starter), then I tend to switch to a blend of white and ww. Whatever method used, it pays to give it the time it needs to do its thing, however long it takes. 

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In her video, she makes 3 different starters. all white, whole wheat with pineapple juice, and white w/ WW.

All took 14 days to create.

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Lechem (not verified)

In 4 days it doesn't mean it'll happen for you. Starters are alive and while creating them they're unpredictable. In truth there is no one recipe and timescale. These are just guides! In essence the process in all different recipes are the same... Flour + water + warmth + time. You are there just to feed it when it needs to be fed. Otherwise you aren't in charge till its ready. In that video I recommended he didn't make it in only four days. There was activity yes! but he carried on feeding it to get it to optimal strength. If conditions are favourable it can take a week before you can bake. But sometimes it can take up to two weeks. And even when you can start baking your starter will continue to mature for up to a month before it really becomes stable and strong. 

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method many times now abd it makes bread on day 5 every time.  Very easy 40 g of whole grain rye woth 30 g of water for 24 hours then add 40 g of rye and 30 g of water day 2.  Then toss half and feed 40 g of rye and 30 g of water. On day 4 toss half again and feed  80 g of rye and 60 g of water.  On day 5 make a loaf of bread with 100 g of starter and use the other 20 g to keep as your mother by feeding it 40 g of rye and 30 g of water.

The important part is to have 78 F temperature.  Works every time.  Joe Ortiz's using whole wheat, milk and cumin also works every time to bread in 5 days too.  The video of Julia Child and him on her show making this starter and using it to make a decorated bread it is also a treat to watch even though some of his science is really myth and not quite right/  It can be found on YouTube.

Happy baking

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I recommend the pineapple juice method  (use the find box above right).  The starter will be ready in about a week and will get stronger.  Have patience!