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Baker's Math Sheet

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Baker's Math Sheet

Hey Everybody.

This is my first post on TFL.  Pretty stoked to join the community!  My lovely wife is a Producer for a certain gigantic technology company and she helped me cobble together a baker's math spreadsheet.  This is super helpful for determining how much material to scale for a batch of dough. 

Check it out:


Here's some instructions on how to use it. 

Step 1:  Set your formula values in the "percentage" column. 

This is where you modify the baker's percentage for your recipe.  I haven't included rows for additional minor ingredients yet.  Eventually I will add rows in for things like olives, walnuts, eggs, butter, and etc. If you add a value for levain then you can adjust the percentages of levain ingredients in B20 and B20 to get a better idea of what the true hydration percentage is.  

Step 2: Set a "Total Dough Weight base value" in cell C15.

This example is using 500 grams as it's "base" for the weight of one loaf of dough.  When you adjust this then the spreadsheet will tell you the specific weights needed for each type of ingredient based on the baker's percentages from column B. 

I hope that this is helpful to somebody, and not _too_ confusing.  Maybe it would be better if I were to split the percentages into two tabs on the sheet?  Hit me up if you have questions.




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Lechem (not verified)

Nice to have you on board and thank you for this. I shall take a look and put it through its paces.

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I realize this post is nearly 3 years old - Boat Dock Bakery... you still there?

I just copied this sheet and am so excited to convert my recipes to it. Have you elaborated on it? 

OR has anyone else created a newer doc in Google Sheets?



@a.little.bread (Instagram)

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Did you find any new docs or feedback on this Google Sheet? 


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Something I created out of boredom.