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Accidentally used coarse wholemeal wheat flour, dough didn't rise correctly?

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Accidentally used coarse wholemeal wheat flour, dough didn't rise correctly?

Hi, I've been lurking on this site for a month learning as much as I can.  


I have a problem... I made 6kgs of flour with rye sourdough starter (very healthy and very alive) and realized the new flour I bought was coarse wholemeal which takes a LOT more kneading to get to glutinize... But didn't knead it as I didn't know.  I mixed per my no-knead recipe I make, made sure everything was even, kneaded for about 15minutes to check all was uniform... And 9 hours have passed and it rose an inch... How can I fix?  Can I reknead or is it too late already?

*Update... It rose half a centimeter in the last half hour... Maybe it was too cold last night (65ish Fahrenheit)

I'd prefer to not lose 12+ lbs of bread for sale?  What do I do if it doesn't rise as it should??



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Lechem (not verified)

would affect the rise. I can see how 65°F would slow things down and getting it up to the mid 70°F would really help. As a last resort you can save it by adding some dried yeast and carry on as a yeasted bread.

Best of luck.

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I personally prefer to ferment in cooler temperatures. I also only work with ancient whole grains, but my dough rises very well around 60° - 65°F. I only share that temperature shouldn't affect it that much.

Mistakes sometimes can make some of the most wonderful end results if you experiment. You could try the yeast as was mentioned above. Or try out some different flat breads. You could increase the hydration to make different variations of flat breads or even turn some it into english muffins, depending on your ingredients. 

Good luck. I know it can be so discouraging to not have things go as planned. Been there, done that, WAY too many times myself! :)

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I added 4 cups stoneground flour and another tablespoon of Sauer, covered well with dark colored towel put in sun kept temp around 75.  In 6 hours it doubled in size, finished 10 good-looking loaves, working on 10more! Delivering tomorrow! Yay, thanks for the support!

Can't figure out how to post pics in the reply...