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2 different pan loaves

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2 different pan loaves

Hi all!


I was working on the pan loaves. My last 2 different pan loaves came out really nice!

One was mostly white pan loaf, recipe from Trevor Wilson, and the other was 90% white whole wheat, recipe adapted from Maurizio's recipe. They both are delicious, but taste very different. I really appreciated the tender texture of the white whole wheat loaf.

Here are some pics.

white pan loaf


90% white whole wheat (90% hydration)


I certainly fully enjoyed these 2 loaves!


Happy Baking!

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Beautiful loaves and beautiful photography skills as well.

I'm jealous  ATM.


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thank you very much! 

I certainly recimend these loaves, Trevor has his web site, yiu can find the recipe here. He also is on TFL :-)

and other loaf - original recipe by Marurizio -, here are some wonderful recipes too....enjoy baking! ;-)

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Your photos are making me hungry!

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Intersringly, as I bake more, I take more pictures and have good practice in both! 

Happy baking!

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Lazy Loafer

I think it's brilliant to bake artisan-type bread in pans! The crust and crumb look wonderful, and you and Stella have come such a long way in a short time!

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Thank you, practice makes perfect! :-)