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"Killer focaccia" recipe

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"Killer focaccia" recipe

Hi all,


I am presenting to you my ficaccia bread. i followed "killer focaccia" recipe with some modification in proportions and substitution of the suggested bread drink with kombucha. The bread drink is made in Germany and is not sold in the US. But of not using lombucha, it can be substituted with a Russian bread drink called "kvas". I can only say kombucha definetly worked for me. And as described, it provides additional bacteria to the poolish.


This is legitimately the best focaccia bread I've ever tried, and I've tried it numerous times from different bakeries. The crumb is so good, it tastes haveanly! 

Try makimg it! You will be very pleased with it!


Here is the link to the YouTube video part 1

you will see the other parts as you open this link, there are 4 parts all together.


Happy baking!


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I need to try that.



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its a home run! :-) definetly try...

its perfect  when you have some company, for bruschetta!