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Wheat (King Arthur AP unbleached white) and whole rye loaf.  Whole rye flour imported from Germany.  Will post a crumb shot after a few hours of cooling.


33% of flour pre-fermented in a 100% hydration poolish.  67% of flour is wheat, 33% whole rye (Roggenvollkornmehl).  


24 hour room temp poolish, 12 hour refrigerated bulk ferment with 3 stretch/folds,  1 hour refrigerated proof, 1hr 20min bake at 415F after a 450F preheat.  Handful of ice cubes thrown in the oven with the loaf. 

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Cannot wait to see crumb shot.  Looks scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicely done!

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Crumb shot.  Creamy and with a nice rye tang.  

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well done.

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Oh gosh. That is beautiful!

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Oh wow, I do believe you have the holy grail of bread here - this is exactly what I aspire to achieve with baking, rustic crust, nutty flavour and a billowey soft crumb.. I bet it makes a beauriful sandwich!

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Thanks all.  This turned out fairly well.  The 67% white AP / 33% whole rye is a great balance of softness, oven spring and body.  I do like the darker, weightier loaves with more rye and also spelt, but it's nice once in a while to move towards white all purpose.