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Poolish Baguettes and Buns

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Poolish Baguettes and Buns

After a few attempts I think I got pretty close to where I wanted with this batch of baguettes. I still can't quite get the shaping quite uniform but I was really happy with the crumb. I used some of the dough to make buns as well for a BBQ that was taking place that night.

Baguettes were 170g each and buns were 90g each


180g T65 Flour
180g Water
0.5g Instant Yeast

Poolish was left to ferment for around 12 hours at room temperature (around 23C)


350g T65 Flour
191g Water
13g Salt
1.5g Instant Yeast
360g Poolish

Bulk fermented for 2hr 30 minutes with two stretch and folds after 45 minutes and 1hr 30 minutes. Then scaled into boules and bench rested for about 20 minutes before being shaped and proved. Proving was for between 1hr 10 minutes and 1hr 45 minutes as had to bake in a couple of batches due to oven size!