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Whole Grain Muffin Recipie?

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Whole Grain Muffin Recipie?

Hi - 

Name is David - I opened an artisan bakery about a year ago

Looking to add muffins to the menu.

I'm looking for some wholesome, non dairy,  no margarine , whole grain (some white is fine) recipes.

Recipes should be tried and true - and not too complicated...





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Debra Wink

Hi David,

This recipe comes from Uprisings, the Whole Grain Bakers' Book, pg. 182. I haven't made it in quite a while, but it was tried and true at one time ...

There are no eggs or butter. It does call for powdered milk or buttermilk, but I don't think either are critical for the recipe to work. In fact, it might be better without (I find milk can blunt other flavors). For your purposes, maybe sub sourdough for part of the flour and water to provide the acidity in place of the buttermilk. Otherwise you might need to use baking powder instead of soda. I recommend white whole wheat over red, and cardamom is a nice addition.

I've included the gram weights I noted the last time I made them, in parentheses, but consider these to be approximate. You might want to weigh them for yourself.


Positively 3rd Street Bakery's
Blueberry Muffin
makes 1 dozen

1/4 cup wheat bran (15)
1/4 cup wheat germ (30)
2 1/3 cups whole wheat pastry flour (300)
2 1/4 tsp baking soda (14)
3/4 tsp salt (5)
1/3 cup powdered buttermilk

1/3 cup oil (75)
2/3 cup honey (225)
1 1/3 cups water (325)

1 1/4 cups blueberries (the small wild ones are nice) (150+)

Convection bake at 375F, or whatever works best with your oven.