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A good laugh

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A good laugh

I was going through my old recipe files (I have LOTS of 3x5 cards and folded papers) and came across my recipe from my original experience with sourdough. What a hoot! To give you an idea, it started out ......" In a 4 GALLON crock.....".

Holy cow that was a lot of starter! I do remember making a lot of pancakes but not having any success with bread-they were pretty flat, too. It was in the 70's and sourdough was all the rage. Of course, you usually made your starter with a packet of yeast to get it going and fed it once a week-with about 5 lbs of flour!

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Jeepers! I'm glad I started learning on TFL first! :)


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Mini Oven

Made my day....  

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or Kimchi:-)  I am amazed at the things that were spread around in the old days when it comes to sourdough - like leaving a new starter uncovered, out in the open to catch wild wee beasties.  We were dumb but easiy addicted even then! 

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Lazy Loafer

I suppose that, at one point, people baked very large batches of bread. My grandmother had four boys and I expect she baked a lot of loaves every day. Mind you, that was long before the 70s. :) If one used a high percentage of starter for the dough, I guess you'd have to make a crock per week!

That's like going through the old recipes and finding a favourite that contained Spam and a package of Au Gratin potato mix. :) Or the spaghetti sauce recipe made with canned tomato soup and half a jar of Cheez Whiz!