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Questions about a Rye Recipe!

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Ogi the Yogi

Questions about a Rye Recipe!

Hey Guys just a couple of quick questions, I made this recipe on Sunday and it tastes great, very flavor full almost taste like Russian easter bread/kulich. The recipe asks for active and not instant yeast, do you think the difference in the yeast could have something to do with the very yeasty flavor of the bread, also I was thinking since you add directly to the dry ingredients it should always be instant, just interested in this! 

MY second question is about rise vs expansion. So my bread got a pretty good rise during the first and second stages, but when I scorched the bread there was almost zero expansion in the oven, the scorched lines remained the same size and did not expand at all or just barely. In her recipe it almost looks the opposite a shorter/flatter rise but the scorched lines expanded when baked, what is happening here can someone please explain. 

Thank you all.