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Panettone, Stollen, and Fruit Cake

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Panettone, Stollen, and Fruit Cake

We had the buttermilk rolls on the Thanksgiving table. They were wonderful.

I'm trying to finish our can of coffee as quickly as I can so that I can use it to try baking a Panettone. In the meantime, I'll probably bake another batch or two of stollen and some of my family's Christmas cookies.

We going to visit family in Texas in a couple of weeks. Supposedly Texas is where fruit cake originated. I may have to pick up a couple of authentic Texas fruit cakes while I am there. If anyone knows of a particularly good place to get fruit cake from, please let me know.


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About the coffee cans and and pannetone, do u place the coffee cans in the oven too or line it with paper to shape the pannetone? I'm considering making pannetones, but just can't seem to figure out making the shape without the molds... %-|

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I'm inclined to line a coffee can with parchment and put the whole thing in the oven, but I haven't tried it yet.

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I have to agree with Doxy that Collin Street Bakery is probably one of the better bakeries out there. They actually ship all over. I used to order their cakes and have them delivered to LA, NY and Montreal. Really the finest. A must try if you're there.