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How to get a nice brown caramelized loaf?

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How to get a nice brown caramelized loaf?

Here's a shot of a recent, representative loaf:
sourdough loaf

A some significant cracking along one end & side, but reasonable form, decent results from scoring, a decent crust, and it tasted yummy good.
(Baked in a loaf pan at 425.)

But none of that brown caramelizing that characterized many a fine loaf.

What can I do to get that nice brown color? 


 - Richard

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Turning the temperature of your oven up for at least a portion of the time will help. I often start loaves at 475 or so and then drop the temp to 425 after 5 or 10 minutes. That also seems to help oven spring.

You may also want to try moving the oven rack up one notch.

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staff of life

Helps with browning.  Try 1 T per loaf.


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You could always do a wash of whole egg just before baking.