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th effect of vitamin enhanced flour on bread

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th effect of vitamin enhanced flour on bread

Hi, I have been using a flour that has added vitamins in my bread making lately, and it has made better bread.  Can anyone explain why this may be?  The flour has added Iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, D3.

It is flour that I bought in Indonesia. I used many different brands while travelling.  Now back in Australia, the only Indonesian flour I have left is low in protein 10%, but even when mixed half/half with Australian flour, of 12.6% protein, I get a better result than using Australian bread flour alone.


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Postal Grunt

It has long been known by many that vitamin enhanced flour was encouraged by the US government during the first half of the twentieth century as a way to restore the vitamins in flour that were removed by eliminating the bran content for white flour.

"The international effort to start enriching flour was launched during the 1940s as a means to improve the health of the wartime populations of the British and United States while food was being rationed and alternative sources of the nutrients were scarce.[clarification needed] The decision to choose flour for enrichment was based on its commonality in the diets of those wartime populations, ranging from the rich to the poor. A major factor in the switch to enriched flour in the United States was the U.S. Army's restriction in 1942, that it would purchase only enriched flour."

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just as much as humans do!

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I only use unbleached flour and eat bread I have made. Yellow and brown are all I want to see in my bread. White is so wrong for me.


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I assume the bread loaf itself is more desirable to you..shape ectera..this I would say is due to the nutrients also being boosters for the yeast. Look to the brewing world also (and bakeries) where yeast food is actually used such as. Vit b’s and minerals, not just for boosting our food value.