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A challenge

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A challenge

If anyone has opinions on this challenge, I love to hear it!  I need to make 1 well structured loaf of bread with the following ingredients and time restraint:

3 Cups white or bread flour

1 1/2 Cups Water

3/4 tsp. Yeast

1 1/2 tsp. Salt

Four hours start to finish.  I realize this is a "bake in a covered pot" kind of recipe, but I would like to try to shape into boule and score attractively but the dough is SO slack.  Any method is ok as long as it's done in 4 hours.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!


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Mini Oven

3 x 130g = 390g  flour

1.5 x 240g = 360g  H2O

360 / 390 x 100 = 92% hydration     that will be soup..... sure you want this recipe?   it is also rather salty.

If you are stuck with this recipe...  Then dry out your flour ahead of time in a 30°C oven so it can absorb lots of water and keep it sealed up. Make a Water roux using 5% of the flour (19.5g and 5x that for the water) cook thicken and cool before adding to dough mixing.  This gives you the chance to evaporate some of the water if you bring the roux to boil.

Use a "heavy cup" of flour or a large "cup" packing it full and banging it on the table to press and compact as much as you can into the cup.   Practice, if you can get 150g into the cup, your recipe could be brought down to 80% hydration.  See if you can't get more flour in there!   Then use a smaller "cup" size for the water.  Don't know if restrictions keep you from using two different nationality cups or even different coffee cups for that matter but they are not all the same size!  Lol!   

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Thank you! Great ideas!  I knew it was 90+ hydration, but this is the challenge! I will definitely try these.  I was given cup measurements, not weight so this could work!

Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes!