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Bread sculpting

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Bread sculpting

Hi All,
I have been looking for information on how to make edible bread art and can't seem to find anything. In fact the only article I could find was about an art student/baker who made bread look like very realistic body parts. I had something a little less corporeal in mind. Has anyone here had experience making bread art?

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Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes has a lot of information on making bread sculptures and art. Almost 100 pages, if memory serves me right.

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Thanks! I'll add it to my ever-growing list of must-have books.

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slow_riser, a friend recently sent me a copy of "Bread Sculpture, The Edible Art" by Ann Wiseman. I haven't tried any of the critters yet but they are very cute. I see it was published in 1975 and I'm pretty sure she got it on line. maybe your library could order it for you to take a look, A.

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Did you see the Frog Bread article here? It was one of the first ones we put up on the site :)