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buckwheat flavour

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buckwheat flavour

I love the flavour of buckwheat bread when on holiday in Brittany, and (using my Panasonic home bread-making machine) I can a pleasantly risen loaf using 70% strong white flour, 30% buckwheat flour, and a couple of teaspoons of gluten as buckwheat doesn't rise. But I cannot get the buckwheat flavour I so crave. What is the secret? (I don't want gluten-free recipes with eggs and all manner of things in: it's the flavour I'm after.)

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is toasted.


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Thanks for your ideas. The same bread toasted doesn't have a stronger buckwheat flavour. And I looked up 'kasha' and it seems to be made with groats, whereas I have been able only to buy buckwheat flour. The baker down the road from where we stay in France is the sort for whom customers have to queue on to the pavement, as he is so good. He does buckwheat bread only on Saturdays, and even then you have to get there fairly early or he will sell out of it. I have bought his buckwheat baguettes - merveilleuses! But it makes me wonder whether good buckwheat bread with a strong flavour is difficult or special in some way.

Any further suggestions?

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Lazy Loafer

Try adding some porridge made with buckwheat (kasha), cooked for 15 minutes or so in water. You'll have to adjust the amount of other ingredients (especially the water), so experiment a bit. I make a rye porridge bread that I love as it gives the taste of rye but has the texture of a wheat sourdough.

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50% and use high gluten flour for  the other 50%.  USe the buckwheat to build the levain too.

Happy experimenting