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When to feed the starter before using for Ciabatta

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When to feed the starter before using for Ciabatta

I'm going to go on a bread baking tear this weekend! 

Quick question - 

For this Ciabatta recipe modified by "tchism" to use sourdough starter

443 g KA bread flour

272 g water

453 g 100% wild starter

10g salt


Question:  How soon after I feed the starter should I start this recipe? 

Should it be "unfed"?  (rationale:  then the yeasties get the most excited and form well in the dough)

Should it be 2 hours after feeding? (rationale:  then the yeasties are already biggest and can stand up the massive amount of mixing, etc., in this recipe)

I've seen it described both ways.  What's best for Ciabatta? 

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Hi GreenThumb,

Did you ever get a response or did you figure it out yourself? Would love to know as I have some starter I would like to use for this Ciabatta recipe.

By the way, did you ever make it, how did it turn out etc., if you did?

Thanks in advance!


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Lechem (not verified)

Fed and matured. Use when peaked and bubbly. It's a lot! of starter so watch the dough and not the clock. 

Tchism doesn't go into great length of his / her process. I've just looked for a recipe using sourdough and this one looks good with lots of explanation. It uses mature starter