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Too wet, too dry?

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Too wet, too dry?

I am making the Boule from Artisan Bread in 5 Min a Day; I used to make it all the time but it's been a couple years. My dough is wet but not real wet. The instructions say it should be wet enough to conform to the bowl I'm resting it in...its' wet but it's not sliding out to conform to the bowl. There are no dry patches at all, and it's sticky and may, in time roll out to conform but I just can't remember what it used to look like. You think this is okay? If not, because it's a no knead bread-do I just carefully add more water without kneading it in too much? Will it over work it by doing so?



Only 30min later or so and it's conforming to the bowl. So-here's to hoping it continues :)